Oswaldkirk Village

Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch

The aim of the Neighbourhood Watch and Home Watch movement is to bring neighbours together to create strong, friendly, active communities where crime and anti-social behaviour are less likely to happen.

Oswaldkirk has had a Neighbourhood Watch scheme for many years. It has operated via the use of local residents representing a small number of homes. These residents keep locals up to date with any relevant issues as well as keeping an eye on properties when vacant.

The Neighbourhood Watch representatives are:

Name Tel Email Area
Mark Clook 788247 mark.clook@btinternet.com Chairman
Eric Dunstone 788437 ericdunstone@btinternet.com St Oswald's Close and Manorfield
Stuart Charman 788194 sheonaidhcharman@geoglemail.com Main Street S from Manor View to Oswaldkirk Hall
Main Street N from St Aidan's Church to Hagg Cottage
Peter O'Neill 788444 Main Street S from B1363 to Manor View
Main Street N from B1363 to St Aidan's Church
Nick Cowern 787175 ncowern@btinternet.com Oswaldkirk Bank and Bank Top
David Gooodman 788401 davidgoodman505@btinternet.com Terrace N and S from Ledbrooke House to Playing Field
Martin Tunney 788432 martintunney@Hotmail.com Terrace N and S from Playing Field to East End
Bill Teasdale 788863 1monicaseptember@gmail.com B1363 below junction with Main Street

Conservation Area Photographic Surveys

Every 4 years or so, the National Park Authority carries out a photographic survey of its Conservation Areas in order to monitor their condition, mainly as a result of the Article 4 Directions which were introduced in the National Park’s Conservation Areas back in 2006. The photographs are only used by the Authority’s planning/building conservation officers to monitor the appearance of our Conservation Areas and when necessary used to provide advice to homeowners which is useful for both parties. This work has in the past been carried out by officers but is very time consuming as you can imagine. So this time, they have enrolled the help of two volunteers to do this – Susan Sykes and Robert Lonsdale.

Susan and Robert will (individually) be visiting each Conservation Area in order to photograph the village. All photographs will be taken from a public highway only (so they won’t be accessing private land or using private drives). They have been provided with a letter from the Authority to show residents if there are any queries and they should also be in branded National Park clothing such as a fleece or coat.

There are many villages for Susan and Robert to visit so it may be some time before they are all done (the authority anticipates it may take 6-8 months to complete, starting at the beginning of 2019) and it could be any point within this timescale when Oswaldkirk is visited.

If there are any queries or concerns please do not hesitate to contact Clair Shields, the planning policy and policy officer at NYMNP on 01439 772 700.

Crime alerts

North Yorkshire Police send out regular alerts and advisories. These embrace:

Local area criminal activity

Scams and Frauds

Use of ATMs

Cold Calling

Suspicious Activity