Oswaldkirk Village Walking Group

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The Oswaldkirk Village Walking Group began towards the end of 2006 with a good attendance and has gone from strength to strength over the ensuing years. The walks take place on the fourth Sunday of each month and always start at 11am, unless otherwise notified, in order to give those who attend church time to join in.

There is a programme drawn up by the co-ordinator (currently Shirley Halliwell) at the beginning of every year whereby walkers volunteer to lead a walk, which they recce in advance, and also arrange a suitable venue for Sunday lunch afterwards, these details are then relayed each month to the remainder of the Group.

There are currently upwards of 70 members in the group, although obviously, not everybody is able to attend each time. There are on average between 20 - 30 people on each walk.

In addition to the monthly Sunday walks there have, over the years, become off-shoots. Ian Henley organises a week-end walk in October of each year and Gerard Simpson has a group of about 18 people who walk on the second Friday of each month doing long distance routes a section at a time. To date we have completed the Minster Way, Tabular Hills Walk, the Esk Valley Walk, Cleveland Way and are currently doing the Inn Way (North York Moors).